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General Discussion
For New Participants and General Discussion Not Yet Assigned To A Detailed Category. If you are new to the forum feel free to post here until you explore the other sections.
Private SectionFor Moderators of
Friendship And Activism
For Discussion of Getting to Know Other Forum Participant, On-line and Local Gatherings and Organziations
PhysicsFor Discussion of the Nature of the Universe, which includes the issue of (1) everything within in, including the existence of non-supernatural gods, and (2) the impossibility of anything outside of it, and (3) the temporary nature of the human body and soul.
CanonicsFor Discussion of the Epicurean theory of knowledge, how reason is dependent on the senses, and when we should be confident that our conclusions are correct.
EthicsFor Discussion of the Epicurean theory of how to live, including Pleasure (rather than Virtue or Piety) as the goal of life, the Epicurean calculus of choosing between pleasure and pain.
Ancient Texts
Core Epicurean Materials from the Ancient World. A Forum or subforum is generally available for every major text.
Modern Texts And Materials
Modern Texts including Books, Articles, Podcasts, and Other Multimedia. This section includes forums dedicated to DeWitt's "Epicurus and His Philosophy" as well as other major books and articles on Epicurus from the last several hundred years.
ComparisonsFor Discussion of Comparison of Epicurean Philosophy with Opposing Relgions and Philosphies. This is the place to discuss the differences between Epicurus and Stoicism, Buddhism, Platonism, Aristotelianism, Cyreniacs, etc.
Major Projects
For Discussion of Major Projects Both Planned and Underway At
Places of Interest To Epicurean History
For Discussion of Specific Places of Interest to Epicurean History, such as Athens and Herculaneum.
Epicurean Art and Symbolism
For Discussion of Epicurean-Inspired or Epicurean-Friendly past or present works of Art, Music, or Literature
Epicurean Leaders
For Discussion of Specific Aspects of the Lives of Epicurean Leaders such as Epicurus, Hermarchus, Metrodorus, Lucretius, and others.
Relevant Non-Epicureans
For Discussion of Notable Figures of History Who Were Not Epicureans But Who Are Nevertheless of Special Significance, Such as Gassendi, Thoma Jefferson, Nietzsche, and others.