Toward a Future Kepos 2022 and Beyond

  • As I think of the future, my goal is to create some type of in person Epicurean philosophy group. Ideally this would take place at an "Epicurean Church" which would come into existence after a core group of people become dedicated toward making that a reality. Otherwise it will be a weekly meet-up type group, which would be held at coffeehouses or other public places.

    I see a way to teach "mini-courses" which address common everyday issues, using and pointing back to wise sayings of the Principle Doctrines/Vatican Sayings, Diogenes Laertius book 10 regarding the wise man, and Cicero's Torquatus presentation on Epicurean teachings.

    The mini-courses would be on such topics as the following:

    1) Increasing daily pleasure

    2) Reducing fear and worry

    3) Eliminating superstitious thinking

    4) Friendship 101 (could be a much longer course)

    5) Choice and avoidance in decision making

    6) Cultivating joy and the the attitude of savoring

    7) Healthy diet and exercise for long-term self-sufficency

    8 ) Dealing with death and mourning

    9) Kepos - developing, maintaining, and enhancing community well-being (could be a much longer course)

    10) Modern science and the scientific process

    11) Living ethically

    12) Enjoying nature

    13) Ancient Epicurean canonics and epistemology

    14) Ancient Epicurean physics

    15) Study of ancient Epicurean texts (could be an on-going course)

    16) Epicurean book study groups (on-going)

    17) Party planning committee - information sharing festivals, annual symposium, weekly potlucks, monthy 20th celebration, and other planning (on-going)

    If anyone has any other ideas, comments, or questions, please share.

    Also, if anyone would like to help create this and feels that their city would be a good place for an "Epicurean Church", then please let me know, since I am looking to relocate to any place that is more likely to support a real kepos. We would start with meet-ups and then see where we can go from there.

  • Hm, I'd also include some sort of "Other Philosophies and their faults" course. I immediately think of Stoicism as a philosophy to discuss, but other may also be inspected. Even so, this should be treated cautiously, as it would distract from the key philosophy- but its, in my opinion, still necessary.

  • some sort of "Other Philosophies and their faults" course

    Some comparative look might not be a bad idea. I'm trying to think of a more "diplomatic" word for "faults" :/ . Maybe "shortcomings" or "differences"... Or just cut to the chase with "Why other philosophies are wrong" ^^

  • Yes I think it is inevitable that any basic presentation of Epicurean philosophy needs to cut right to the heart of the differences. I think in fact that that is exactly the approach Epicurus chose in the way the principal doctrines are organized. You can say that "Well he's just giving his position on the important things of life (gods, life after death, what is the true goal?) but he did so in a way that didn't feature his own conclusion as much as it gives the "vaccine" which makes the other viewpoints impossible. So to me he's starting out with controversy right at the beginning of his list , and that's consistent with the way all of his letters and much of the remaining texts are almost always seemingly engaged in combating errors.

  • Also this topic is pretty much parallel with what we have discussed in the past as an "Epicurus College" or other formats (meetup groups).

    We can do much of the organizing for that online, but Kalosyni is right that we need to move as quickly as possible to "in person" frameworks.

    What we do here on line will set the stage for that.