• Hi Everyone,

    This thread gathers together some usage tips, which may be a helpful guide for new users. Let us know if you have any questions, or any suggestions on things which aren't covered here, thank you :)


    To change the forum theme from default to "easier on the eyes" versions: scroll to the bottom of any page, select "Change Style," and then simply click on one of the available options. Be advised that if any of posting uses modified font colors these may "disappear," so choose medium/bright Blue or Red or Green, as these will show up both in dark and light themes. Avoid using white font color in your postings as this will completely disappear in some situations and with some themes.

    Bookmarks: You can bookmark posts and other pages, and they will show up both on your Bookmark page and on the Bookmark section of the sidebar of many pages, near the top right.

    Using the Search feature: You must toggle to the main forum page to search within the entire forum, otherwise your search will be limited to whatever sub-level you are currently in. A few of our members have noted that they get better search results by using Google search engine and typing in together with the searched for topic.

    Posting Etiquette:

    --Questions are great and there is no such thing as a "bad" question. Everybody wins - new users can gain new understanding and seasoned users gain through the exercise of giving answers. If a similar question was answered in the past, then your question might be answered with a link to the previously posted information. You may want to do a quick search using the "Search feature" or Google (as described above) before asking your question. You can also check here: FAQs. If you don't know which thread to use to post your question, you can simply click the "General Discussion" and post your question there.

    --If you are not posting a direct question but instead posting a statement to ask if your viewpoint resonates with the forum, then please be sure that your statement directly refers to Epicurean philosophy, Epicurean people, or this Epicurean forum AND make sure it adheres to the "Not Neo-Epicurean but Epicurean" posting policies. Any posts containing "partisan politics", advocating "supernatural religion", or "absolute virtue" will be subjected to consideration for removal.

    --When quoting from a source make sure to use the quote bubble found in the tool bar, fifth from the end. This helps to give proper credit to sources and makes it easier to read.

    --You can refer to what was said or material contained within a previous post by highlighting and clicking on "insert quote" which pops up as you highlight a sentence.

    --You can address your post to a specific postee by typing an "@" symbol in front of the person's name (and this will result in a red highlight). This can be useful when you want to notify someone other than the orginator of the thread. This will trigger a notification in their notification system (by email for infrequent users).

    Timeline posts: These posts are only visible to members who are signed into the forum. The view-ability of this is limited so for best recognition please post in the "General discussion" or find the thread with the relevant topic heading.

    Wall posts: These seem to be less visible, so for maximum engagement it is best to find the relevent forum thread, or post into "General discussion". This is a good location for posting "public" messages to a specific person.

    Conversations: Click on the dialog bubble on the upper far right next to the bookmark tool. These are private conversation which can be between two or more people. Be advised that "Conversations" cannot be deleted, and count toward a quota, which is a limited amount of space per person. So if possible, try to ask most of your questions out in the main forum.

    "About Me" section of your profile: You might like to add to your profile page "About me" section, if you feel comfortable. You can list or write about your hobbies, interests, reading goals, or reading you have completed. This can only be viewed by members.

    Follow people: Click on a person's profile and then click on the "person icon" on their profile page. When you click on the "Latest Posts" you will then see an option to click on for sorting incoming new threads according to "Filter by followed users".

  • Wow, thank you! I wouldn't have found most of the stuff you've posted, especially that I can change the design of the forum. So thanks for sharing!

  • I just added this:

    --Avoid using white font color in your postings as this completely disappears in some situations and with some themes.

    I want to still add something about setting up notifications, but may not get to that for a few more days.

  • I just try to use the "default" "Normal text" headline, and don't try to select something else... at least after I switch themes, I can still see my text. Is there anything wrong with it?...

  • IF you're talking about that last post I don't see any issues. The problem generally happens when a dark or light color gets inserted and doesn't show up against a dark or light background

  • Ah, got it! And yep, I was talking about my last post, but I'll pay attention to this.

  • I just realized this weekend (it was pointed out to me by Kalosyni) that the "Latest Posts" link (which I have now added to the main menu top-level menu as "RECENT") will show you not only the latest posts in the Forum sections, but also latest entries on the "Walls" of each user.

    i tend to navigate the forum by looking for the red dot on the "bell" icon that's at the top of the page, but that "bell" doesn't notify you of posts on peoples' walls. i am looking for a way to produce a "red dot" that indicates ALL new posts to the website, so if I can figure out how to produce that I will implement it and post about it.

    In the meantime, clicking on the "FORUM / Latest Posts" dropdown menu, or on the "RECENT" menu item in the top-level menu, should produce a list of most ALL recent activity on the forum.