So You Want To Learn Ancient Greek Or Latin?

  • Another interesting online resource is Textkit:

    Textkit Greek and Latin Forums - Index page

    It's both a forum and a resource for learning Ancient/Koine Greek and Latin. There are some valuable discussions about books and other things but also in-depth grammar discussions. I haven't spent much time there myself (maybe I should?), but I think it's a good resource to be aware of.

    All this online discussion is not to say your shouldn't look at good old books. I think Textkit uses some old books on Internet Archive to learn Greek and Latin like…/greek/rouse/grammar.html

    but there's also


    The JACT Reading Greek series (see my bookshelf image above)

    Teach Yourself Ancient Greek


    However, some of those stick to the grammar-translation method which isn't necessarily the best way to go about it. Comprehensible Input (CI) seems to be more in favor now, but it seems to me both have their place. Both Luke Ranieri and Carla Hunt are big proponents of the CI approach and have GREAT content to back it up.

    Here's more Latin CI content:

    Comprehensible Input - John P. Piazza, M.A.
    [please excuse the dead or missing links and general confusion while I am updating my website] Comprehensible input resources for Latin teachers (useful links…

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    Latin - Bryce Hedstrom - Comprehensible Input Materials & Training
    Here are the best links to comprehensible input-based language instruction.

    Launching a new Ancient Greek YouTube channel
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    That's enough for now! ^^

    I encourage others to share their experiences and favorite (or least favorite!) learning resources.