Sept 4, 2023 - Monday Night Epicurean Philosophy Hour

  • Hi Everyone,

    Next Monday is the first Monday of September, and we will be having another Epicurean Philosophy Happy Hour.

    I'd like to start with some social discussion such as "How was your summer?" and "Did you go on any vacations?" or "What was a memorable summertime event or experience?" - since we know that the mental pleasure of memory is greatly enhanced by telling others about our happy memories. And then after that open it up to Epicurean philosophy topics.

    Everyone, please RSVP here in this thread if you think that you will likely be attending -- It's Labor Day, and can imagine that some of you may have some holiday plans and so may not be able to an RSVP will help us out. :)

    (Feel free to bring a beverage of some kind to sip on during the Zoom).

  • Epicurean Philosophy Happy Hour is coming up Monday evening 8pm - open to all forum members. Let's celebrate summer with an opportunity to share about happy memories or enjoyable experiences (if you feel like it would be enjoyable to do so). Then we'll follow that with open discussion on Epicurean philosophy.

    Thanks for the RSVPs so far!

    Any other RSVPs?

  • Kalosyni

    Changed the title of the thread from “Sept 4, 2023 - Monday Night Epicurean Philosophy Happy Hour” to “Sept 4, 2023 - Monday Night Epicurean Philosophy Hour”.