Paper: Comparisons of Six English Translations of Lucretius De Rerum Natura

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  • This seemed to shed some light on the subjectivity of translation, as it show some sections of word for word comparisons.


    3.1.3. Verbs and nouns – treated differently

    01_latin_order 02_latin_tokens 03_eng_direct_tokens 1656_en 1743_en 1872_en 1886_en 1916_en 1936_en
    81 ferae a wild beast, wild animal savage savage untamed wild wild wild
    82 pecudes cattle bruits beasts herds herds herds beasts
    83 persultant to leap about, range through jump frisk bound bound leap bound
    84 pabula fodder, pasturage, grass meads fields pastures pastures fields pastures
    85 laeta joyful, cheerful, glad, flowry cheerful glad glad happy fat