Christos Yapijakis and The Garden Of Athens Release "Epicurean Philosophy: An Introduction from The Garden of Athens"

  • I just found out today about the new book released by Christos Yapijakis and several other contributors from the Garden of Athens in Greece. Here is a link to the Amazon page with table of contents and preview. I haven't had a chance to purchase much less start to read, but I hope if people here are interested and go through it they will comment in the thread below. Also below is the Table of Contents:

  • Thank you Cassius.

    I am reading it and it is very insightful.

    It is not the style of Emliy A Austin´s book, and the quality is similarly high

    At least in my opinion :) with good valid references.

    The book emphasizes the influence and pro-scientific nature of Epicurean philosophy and how it is at the core of a naturalistic worldview

    and how these discoveries advance medicine, chemistry, technology and human prosperity