Images of Polyaenus?

  • Nate I am not aware of any. However I am also not sure that we have an "inventory" of the busts that are contained in the Vatican and Naples museums. It seems I recall seeing a row of busts that some of the Greeks have mentioned contain more than just Epicurus and Metrodorus and Hermarchus, but I am not sure who the others are. Do you know the line-up or shelf I am talking about? I can't find a picture of it right now but I seem to remember a picture showing two rows of busts displayed on two shelves. I am thinking it is a picture from a Vatican museum but it could be Naples.

    You know the person we may want to ask about this (before we go back to our Greek contacts) is michelepinto

    Michele, do you know the full list of busts that are associated with the Epicureans at the Vatican Museum and at Naples?

    It's my impression that those collections are better than the ones in Greece.

  • I don't believe we do. But I would check out "The Sculpted Word" and "The Mask of Epicurus", and I recall some project online that sought to use 3-d modeling to reconstruct statues and busts that had some Epicurean works.

    Other than that like Cassius said there's likely a catalogue or collection in Italy or Greece that we may be unaware of.

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