Happy Birthday EricR!

  • Happy Birthday EricR ! And you're the very first entry in our new "Happy Birthday" subforum. This isn't generated by a robot but by the poster of the event. That means that we need to monitor the "Today's Birthday" box and keep up with this (and add Happy Birthday entries) personally - which is the way it should be. Anyone who notices a "Today's Birthday" entry that doesn't have a corresponding Happy Birthday thread here, please feel free to start the thread yourself - that will help a lot!

    We've been talking lately about ways to build community and get to know each other better, so today let's say "Happy Birthday" to EricR in the Frozen North -- quite possibly our highest latitude participant here on the forum.

    Eric - hope you are doing well and thanks for your past participation in the forum!

    And for those of you who don't know him, Eric is a talented writer and musician which you can check out on his timeline.

  • Happy Birthday EricR and congrats on being the FIRST birthday entry in the forum! That's prestigious enough, but even better is to find out what birthday gift Cassius is planning to give you! ;)

    How far north are you anyway, Eric? Beyond Grand Marais Minnesota? That's where my little sister lives.



  • Thanks so much for the kind BD greetings! As I am the worst Epicurean on the planet, I am especially humbled to be the first BD entry! Why the worst? Because I still seriously entertain foundational metaphysical principles that are incompatible with the Epicurean view.

    But I am touched to be remembered on my BD. :)

    To your question, Scott, I am in Canada! Hence Cassius' remark about the frozen north. 100% accurate. 8o

  • Good to hear from you Eric! I wonder if you did any new music to celebrate your birthday? If you did there at least a couple of new people here who might like a sample.

  • Thanks, Cassius. There is new music coming. In fact I will be finally launching a website showcasing my stuff and making it available for download. I will let you know when it's ready. Should be some time next week and can be found at ericrmusic.com

    I reloaded my "Mystic Nature" video on my timeline here. I had made some changes to it and neglected to make it visible.