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  • I had a friend today send me this tweet and retweet mentioning Epicurus sent by Lara Logan, the former CBS reporter, who has some 200,000 followers. In case it's not clear from the paste below, Logan retweeted the post from "Mike Frez," which is how it came to our attention. Logan's retweet of the slam against Epicurus (attributing Marx to Epicurean views) was probably innocent enough - she didn't comment on it and very possibly didn't know better - but I thought it a good opportunity to reply to someone with lots of followers who had mentioned Epicurus. Darn that you can't say more in 140 characters.

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    "I have a great tenderness for [Heraclitus] and of the ancients I only prefer Aristotle more. The later philosopher – Epicurus (especially this one) [...] I've made an object of special study, but more out of [...] than philosophical interest" (Marx, Doctoral Thesis)

  • "Karl Marx ... designed a system of economic organisation"! This nonsense reportedly taught at U.S. schools calls for immediate refutation.

    Karl Marx produced elaborate analysis and criticism of capitalism, thought that the transition from capitalism to communism was unavoidable and proposed a strategy how to accelerate that transition by abolishing democracy along with capitalism.

    He did not design a system of economic organization with which to replace capitalism. Lenin recognized this painfully after the revolution:

    "As Lenin admits, there is hardly a word on the economics of socialism to be found in Marx's work - apart from such useless slogans as 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs'". [p. 91/92 in Karl Popper's "The Open Society and Its Enemies"]