A foodie ponders Epicurus the epicurean

  • https://www.academia.edu/11401…_the_foodies_philosopher_

    This essay was a nice accompaniment to my tea and dark chocolate this morning. I enjoyed the author's discussion of pleasure, food and friendship in the Garden. He also addressed Plato nicely. I'm not so sure about his linking Epicurus to liberalism, but I really haven't given that much thought so maybe I'm exposing my ignorance. All in all, I found it a very perceptive piece that, to me, conceives of Epicurus much as we do here and states the case very well.

  • Godfrey I just started reading but already I am not sure if this is sort of tongueincheek. I agree with his contention that enjoyment of food has been misrepresented downward, but to place it at the CENTER of the philosophy? That seems almost like a joke. I will have to read more ;)

  • OK I finished it am and glad to see that he cites DeWitt, and I see several reflections of DeWitt in the text.

    Yet i still can't shake the view that his praise of "Foodies" is largely un-serious.

    I think you said it best Godfrey when you said:

    This essay was a nice accompaniment to my tea and dark chocolate this morning

    I'm not sure exactly what audience I would suggest this to, but I do agree that to the extent he is making a serious point, he shows a lot of influence from DeWitt and his points are consistent with a DeWitt view of Epicurus as not being an ascetic at all

  • You're right Cassius it does seem tongue in cheek in some parts, but he does make good points. The feeling I get is that he's writing as a "laughing philosopher".

    Maybe best read with a glass of wine and a bit of cheese. :/