Nate's Compilation of Alternative Translations of the Principal Doctrines

  • Somehow I missed seeing this until now. Thanks Nate!

  • Does it appear that perhaps we need to hyperlink the "Table of Contents" to the respective place in the text for it's easiest use as a PDF?

    This is pretty clearly the most extensive listing of the alternate translations that I have seen, and this took a tremendous amount of work.

    Nate do you have a website or some place you plan to feature this going forward? It would probably be very well worth producing an HTML or other version of this that people could easily access on their mobile phones (since so many people use only their phones for all internet access).

    One thing I might like to do for us here would be to cut and paste each one into the "lexicon" feature here so that when someone clicks through to the doctrine they see the full set. Would that be OK with you?

    But even after doing that, some method of distributing it so that it is easily accessible to the world on any format device would be highly desirable.

    As you know I am a tech geek and one format that I don't use much, but always appeals to me, is the single-page HTML format that is available in the "Tiddlywiki" format. There are lots of customizations of its format I haven't figured out but this one might be interesting (Tiddlywiki For Scholars) or this one:! or maybe better this one that has a contents list on left:

    Anyway thank you again Nate!!

  • This is a great resource, Nate! I like to have a handful of PDF's downloaded to my phone so that I have something to read even when I don't have reception, and these little bite-sized portions are perfect for that!