To encourage more widespread use of the forum

  • Of course I agree, Oscar!

    The key is "Facebook is no substitute." It works as an advertising tool (one among many) but it is not suited to real teamwork on a project like this, and to the extent that it encourages "drive-by philosophy" with easy-in easy-out, there is actually a certain demoralizing aspect to it -- and that's not to mention the huge privacy and potential censorship issues.

    There are no doubt many ways to go about a project like this. Do you have specific thoughts on ways to approach it and how to organize it?

    We got this far through interaction on Facebook (most of our core existing relationships came from there) but Facebook isn't going to take us to the next level. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Is there an option whereby members can register for a digest of the forum. Perhaps, now I'm thinking, not just forum but also media (gallery), and other things relevant to Epicurus and Epicureanism?

    The forum software definitely allows that through the notification system, but I am sure I have not done enough to set it up and publicize it. In fact let me look at that right now before I reply further.

  • Oscar take a look at this page: https://www.epicureanfriends.c…hp?notification-settings/

    Are you currently receiving any email notifications at all? Come to think of it I am not myself, except for notification of new users. Let me look into the default settings.

    Also, at times past I put together a "newsletter" format at my wordpress blog,, but I have not done that for several years. I need to look at restarting that and seeing what can be done through the forum software.

  • I started my activist phase almost ten years ago, mostly on facebook, and at one point I was sending out a weekly summary of the most important posts and developments on the facebook forum, with additional commentary and links to other places for Epicurean resources. I think some of those newsletters are probably stored here in this new forum too.

    I now see from the forum software people the rudimentary procedure for sending a newsletter. I am going to test that in just am moment.

  • Thanks again Oscar. I have just pulled the trigger on sending a short newsletter email to everyone who is a registered user. Could you let me know how that worked and if you received it?

    I don't want to do these more than once a week lest it be too much, so I hope I didn't butcher this first one ! ;)

  • Before I send another one next week I'll want to think about whether there is any ability to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter email. I don't think the software allows me to do anything less than send to "all users." It's probably a decent bet than anyone who subscribes is willing to receive a weekly newsletter. but I'll look into the ability to maintain a mailing list, or perhaps use something like mailchimp.