New Article By Emily Austin - "How To Live Like An Epicurean"

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “New Article By Emily Austin -” to “New Article By Emily Austin - "How To Live Like An Epicurean"”.
  • I note that, under the heading "Links and Books" she provides a link to this site, with the comment: "A wealth of open-access Epicurean texts and resources are available at, an online community committed to Epicurean study and practice. The materials are open to all, but posting to message boards requires a free registration and commitment to shared purpose and norms of civility." Cool!

  • Yes we should all be greatly appreciative of her for that plug! Combined with the recent interview with Dr. Glidden, which I think is also getting some circulation, we will likely get at least a small rush of new participants, so let's all try to welcome them as possible.

  • Reading it now and it is a great article! I hope at some point we can get Psyche magazine to correct what appears to be a typo right in the middle of a critically important passage. Probably the "and" should be dropped where I highlighted in red, or "but neither" substituted?

  • Just finished the full article. It's a summary and refinement of her book, very well presented, and the format at Psyche magazine really enhances the total look of the presentation. We owe a great debt to Dr. Austin too for not only highlighting but also including a link to her interview with us on Lucretius Today.

    Dr. Austin is simply one of the best - and probably THE best - writers on Epicurus today. Not only does she have a superior way with words, she doesn't back away and hits hard on the point that few others are even willing to touch: that Epicurus promoted both tranquility AND pleasure.