Merry Christmas To Our Epicurean Friends!

  • As we begin to settle in to the Christmas holiday we should all remember that this is a tough time of year for many people - including our fellow fans of Epicurus. Most of us have grown up in predominantly Christian environments, and the first issue that arises is the effect of realizing that both the "Santa Claus" and the more religious aspects of Christmas are equally fabulous. When you combine with that the more personal disappointment that many of us feel when we consider how different the Christmas we experience today is from what we expected when we were younger -- the season becomes a period of special stress and cognitive dissonance for many of us.

    For that reason this is a particularly important time of year to remind each other that there do exist many others like us who share our Epicurean worldview. We can experience that reminder in our various online locations, so if you are at all tempted to do so, be sure to reach out and post about your thoughts and experiences and emotions as you navigate through this time of year.

    There are many of us online throughout the holidays. Online isn't the same as being there, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the responses you'll get if you reach out to others in the Epicurean community at this time of year.

    For the time being, enjoy the holidays, and let us know if there is anything you would like to talk about!

  • I love my online Epicurean community and friends. I really wish I could be more active, I have such a desire to be out striking blows for Epicurus throughout the year. Maybe 2022 will be different, but who knows. All I know is that my chance swerve into the Garden almost a decade ago has enriched my life and I want to always give back and validate how much this movement and community means to me.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Good Yule and Peace and Safety!

    I’ll try to swing online here and drop in tomorrow and the next day.

  • Speaking of Santa Claus…

    Before the Coca-Cola rebranding of Santa, he appeared as a tall thin bearded man known under various names. One of the most notable is Father Christmas. In pre-Christian pagan times the Yule season was celebrated by various peoples and the patron of this time of year was the Yule Father, Jölföthr…aka Odin or Woden. Known to associate with elves and other spirits he would ride through the sky at night on an eight legged flying horse. Not dissimilar to eight flying reindeer. One of which is etymologically related to Thor or Donar…Donner/Donder “Thunder.”

    Other than the gift giving aspect of the very different St. Nicholas, Santa Claus has far more in common with the magical Odin who reigns over the magical realm of Asgard. It seems just like in Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, Mr. Wednesday (Odin) has rebranded himself and has made himself relevant through the ages. 🎅🏻🎅🏻

  • One thing I'd like to share is that, according to Philodemus's On Piety, Epicurus enthusiastically took part in the festivals and rites of Athens. He may have had his own internal interpretation of them, but he didn't shy away from celebrating them.

    I think that's a valuable lesson. We can take part wholeheartedly in traditional - even religious - celebrations of the season as long as we remember to leave the supernatural trappings behind - even if it's just by keeping it to ourselves.

    If you enjoy carols or even the pomp and circumstance of a midnight mass or church service, go for it unreservedly.

    We have an exemplar of our own in the "master architect of happiness" himself.

  • From the Facebook page, from R.S.:

    A happy Winter Solstice to all! I am very glad to be able to take part in our community. I have learned a great deal and look forward to the New Year.

    This time of year is a little difficult for me. I live by myself and all of my close family are dead. By choice I am as close to being a hermit as a person can be living in an urban environment. But my isolation is not absolute. Listening to the Lucretius Today podcast episodes and reading the comments on this Facebook group provides me with much needed companionship. Thank you all and once again happy Winter Solstice.

  • Happy Holidays everyone!

    Here is a short YouTube video which evokes a feeling of ancient times and ancient festivals with music and dance:

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