Adding a Glossary to the FAQ

  • Because we so frequently have misunderstandings due to basic Epicurean definitions of terms, such as "gods," "pleasure," and "knowledge." I am adding a subsection of the FAQ devoted to these words. We probably should also add "anticipations" as well. Are there other specific terms we should consider highlighting? <a href="">https://www.epicureanfriends.c…dex.php?faq/#category-208

    Each entry will have its own thread so please make suggestions about the details here: FAQ Answers And Discussion

  • What about happiness? Is tbere any need to make a distiction between it and pleasure?

    "It is not the pretended but the real pursuit of philosophy that is needed; for we do not need the appearance of good health but to enjoy it in truth."

  • Yes excellent suggestion Mike.

    That one is going to take more work. In the meantime I will point to Elayne 's article on this but coming up with a short summary would be desirable!

    One thing that I think makes strong sense to include up front would be the issue of whether happiness is an abstraction vs pleasure being a feeling, or whether happiness is a particular type of pleasure (I do NOT think we can say that pleasure is a particular kind of happiness).

    But I am not sure there is an authoritative text that distinguishes between the two (we can cite Diogenes of Oinoanda for the issue of "what is happiness? - life of pleasure...) but I think we need to be careful making claims on this without strong texts to point to.

    Because in a glossary where we are defining happiness, the issue is not so much "the relationship between happiness and pleasure" as it is "What is happiness?"