"The Epicurean Glance" - An Article By George Kaplanis which needs translation

  • Although the thrust of this Greek / English initiative is to encourage translation of short comments / questions / discussions, we are also aware of significant longer pieces in Greek or other languages which would be great to translate and discuss. For example, we have several times in the past referenced a Thessalonikan by the name of George Kaplanos, and here is a link to one of his significant recent artlcles with side-by-side Greek and English (courtesy of Google Translate). The google translate gives an idea of the content but needs dramatic improvement.

    It would be great to see if we can find bilingual English / Greeks who could help us correct this copy. In the past, people like Panos Alexiou have been willing to help, but we can't impose on a single person. If you are yourself Greek/English bllingual, or know someone who is and who could help, please let us know. This is an important article and covers some important and controversial topics. If you can help, please paste proposed sections of text here and I or someone will edit the main copy. (Or what would be better, please download the document, post it to your own Google doc, and post a link to your revision.)


  • Hello to all the epicurean friends,

    Thanks to a friend of my son that knows very good greek-english, this article by George Kaplanis, it will be ready to post it for next week. Another article by Dimitris Altas entitled : "The Epicurean Impact on Enlightenment", it will be ready too for this week. The other that follows in the list it will be the article by George Kaplanis entitled : "The Migration issue from the perspective of Epicurean philosophy". If there is another article that kept to your attention and you would like to be translated, please inform me. As well as if you have an article by your own, and you would like to be translated from english into greek, please inform too.


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