Potential Hydrocarbons in the Constellation Leo

  • Exoplanet's surface may be covered in oceans, James Webb Space Telescope finds
    The so-called Hycean planet K2–18 b is around twice the size of Earth and orbits in the habitable zone of a star located 120 light-years from our solar system.

    The results will be subjected to further testing, but an analysis of the light spectrum of this planet has indicated the presence of dimethyl sulfide, a molecule produced by phytoplankton. There could be a world-ocean under the atmosphere of this planet. Very cool!

  • An additional benefit of Joshua's post, over and above its own merit, is that if gives me a new resource. The next time someone complains: "Cassius your posts are always too technical - I just want advice on being happy." I will say in response, "Check out the post entitled "Potential Hydrocarbons in the Constellation Leo."

    And I will say: Man, you don't know what it means to be truly happy unless you understand the implications of hydrocarbons on other planets!"

    PD12. A man cannot dispel his fear about the most important matters if he does not know what is the nature of the universe, but suspects the truth of some mythical story. So that, without natural science, it is not possible to attain our pleasures unalloyed.

    And I will remind them too that Cicero writes that nature was Epicurus' "chief boast" ("‘At the outset, said I, ‘in natural science, which is his chief boast, he is in the first place altogether unoriginal...)

    :) :)