New Front Page "Forum Navigation Map"

  • Today we are launching a new feature for the front page of the forum - a "Navigation Map" with clickable boxes to take you to the relevant sections of the forum. This is only a first version and will no doubt go through lots of iterations, but this is intended to be a help for everyone (old and new here at the forum) in finding some of the most important subforums and seeing their relevance to each other.

    The version below is not clickable or well zoomable, but the version on the front page is an SVG graphic that is fully zoomable to any size and remains sharp. Click over to that one and you can zoom in and out to your heart's content.

    It is formatted in "portrait" since most people are using phones and devices of similar format to access the forum. We can probably do a "landscape" version as well if we can figure a way to display the correct one for the correct screen size.

  • Titus there is not strictly a high-definition version, but the two main versions (portrait and landscape) are SVG files that should be zoomable to whatever level you want.

    Hmm after testing I find that it's not obvious how to download. Depending on browser and experience level I bet it is doable, but in the meantime I will send you the two files via private conversation.

  • This is an excellent graphic, by the way.