The Real Impact of Epicurus saying the celestial bodies weren't gods!

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    Start 32:07, talking about Gal. 4:3, 8-9

    This is the mention of the elements that comes up from time to time.

    I've become a fan of Data Over Dogma, and this episode talks about Cicero, the gods, and implies what a revolution it really was for Epicurus to say the stars were not gods!

    Fascinating stuff (to me)!

  • Thanks for the link and yes that part is great!

    He's reinforcing in my mind how useful a resource Cicero is in both On the Nature of the Gods and On Ends too.

    I am really looking forward to going through both in detail. I think going through On Ends is going to clarify in our minds a lot of the things we have been discussing as to what a lot of these debates were about.

    Just like that podcast is saying Cicero, allows us to get into the minds of the 2000 year old debaters and in doing so I think we will see a lot that we don't currently see.