Quick Note Re The Vatican Sayings Forums

  • The individual subforums for the Vatican Sayings have been sitting mostly unused for eight years, and they have come close to be deleted several times since it takes time to scroll through 70+ forums. But that was before we met Don and his badger-like investigations into the Greek texts, so I am happy to say that I am in the process of making sure every one is "unlocked" so the task of Norman DeWitt - and his protege Don Boozer, who both seek "less emended" texts - can continue! :)

    All kidding aside thank you Don for all your work!

    The "Vatican List" of Sayings

  • Don and his badger-like investigations

    ^^ LOL!!! So, there'll be a badger on my coat of arms. I'll need to change my username to Τροχος, a word used by Aristotle to refer to an animal that appears to have been referring to a badger... But no one is sure. :thumbup: Μodern is Ασβός but that's too easy.