20th of June, 2023 - Zoom Gathering Philosophy Discussion

  • This next Tuesday evening is our 20th meeting - open to all Level 3 forum members. As usual, we will commemorate the 20th with greetings, a short reading, and then discussion on the latest forum threads.

    If you are interested in attending but not yet a Level 3 member, please message me to find out how you can become one.

  • This Twentieth falls on Midsummer Eve, the day before the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The Attic New Year according to some sources began with the month Hekatombeion starting on the first New Moon after the Summer Solstice, a New Moon which happens on July 17th this year.

  • I notice in our Gallery under "Twentieth" we have only two "general twentieth" images tagged. It seems to me that we've produced lots of individual month graphics in the last year or two, but we probably need more "generic" ones that can be used on Facebook or other sites as general postings usable in any month. If anyone is aware of other "generic" twentieth images on the site please tag them in the gallery (if you can) as "Twentieth." or post them in this thread so we can update the categories. Thanks!