Lucretius Today - Episodes of Special Note

  • At some point in the future I hope we can put together more of an index or table of contents of each episode. For the time being, we have the episode titles to go by, and the thread for each of them which can be word searched. However in this thread I would like to make note of episodes of special significance, because it regularly occurs to me to ask: "If I were suggesting someone new listen to some particularly important episodes, where would I direct them?"

    So my first suggestion for this list is the current episode: Episode One Hundred Fifty-Five "Epicurus And His Philosophy" Part 11 - The Canon, Reason, and Nature 02

    I've just been listening to the finished product and I think this is a particularly good one, addressing Chaos, the Relationship of Reason to the Canon and to the senses in particular, and several other basic points. Some of the episodes flow better than others, but I think this one has to be ranked among a list of our best.

    If others who are reviewing older podcasts find some to be particularly worthy of note I would appreciate them adding this to the thread so at some point we can come up with a "best of" series.

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Episodes of Special Note” to “Lucretius Today - Episodes of Special Note”.
  • I've listened to that episode twice already, I agree that it's a good one.

    My first nominee would be this:

    Episode One Hundred Twenty-Nine - Letter to Pythocles 03 - The Implications Of the Epicurean Position On The Size of the Sun

    And also the first episode of the Letter to Menoeceus. I think Kalosyni has pointed to this as one she enjoyed.

    Episode One Hundred Thirty-Four - The Letter to Menoeceus 01- Context and Opening of the Letter

  • Given the difficulty of the subject (Anticipations) and that we had the full podcast team involved (including Don), I think we will probably end up considering Podcast 163 on Anticipations to be one of our better episodes too:

  • I think this might be one of our better episodes on materialism, in part because of the focused effort to work out the implications of atomism and follow them through to their conclusions.