Help Needed With Broken Links

  • Sorry to interrupt the chain of deep thought but this is a purely procedural post.

    Don has reported that he is having trouble with most of the links being non-working in the box on the right side of the home page which looks like this:

    (Note - the text needs rewriting but it still serves as a useful link to some key articles so I will defer a rewrite until later.)

    The problem is that those links don't work for Don, but they do work for me and at least one other person who tried to access them. Could anyone who has time to check click on a couple of them and let me know if they report any "file not found" or other errors?

    thanks very much.

  • They are working for me, but I did notice something that might be the issue:

    The URL in the links looks like this:

    But the URL it actually resolves to is this:


    The server is providing a (correct) 301 response that points to the correct URL.

    However, browsers will sometimes cache these things, and then automatically give you a different URL than the one you clicked on, without even asking the server.

    For Don, I'd suggest clearing his browser's cache. In Firefox, this would be under History -> Clear Recent History. Then uncheck everything except Cache. Edit: you'd also want to set Time range to clear to Everything.

    For Cassius, I'd suggest updating the URLs in those links. Likely only an issue for people who have been using the site since those URLs moved, though. Need not be a high priority.

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  • That makes sense and thank you Todd! Yes a couple of months ago I changed a setting in the forum software to tell it to start using "pretty" links as opposed to those with the PHP content. And Don has been around for so long he might have the old version cached. I will check those links again now.

  • I have made the changes Todd suggested and I bet that will fix the problem. If anyone has further problems with these or any other broken links, please report them. Thanks to Don and Todd for their help with this.