November 2nd, 2022 - Wednesday Night Zoom Gathering

  • Hi Everyone! This next Wednesday we are starting a new format of discussion at our weekly Zoom meeting. After some some back and forth reconsidering what night to have the meeting, and have now decided to stay with Wednesday evenings at 8:30pm ET. New attendees are encouraged to join!

    Each week we will open up discussion on topics discussed in the preceeding Lucretius Today podcast. We hope you might get a chance to listen to the podcast ahead of time, but we will also make it possible for anyone to join in the discussion even if you have not listened to the podcast.

    On Nov. 2nd, we will discuss Episode 145. Here is the link to the discussion thread which contains the audio recording:

    The goal of this new discussion group, as explained in a recent post by Cassius:

    Anyone who has previously attended will automatically be messaged the link.

    New attendees are welcome. Please post your request to attend either here in this thread, or send a private forum message to me with your request.

    Hope to see you there!