Format Changes To Weekly Epicurean Zoom Meeting

  • This week (October 26th, 2022) will be our last Weekly Zoom meeting on a Wednesday, and we will finish up our discussion of the last Principal Doctrines.

    Starting next week (November 3) we will move to Thursday night, and the main topic of each week will be those topics discussed in the preceeding Lucreius Today podcast.

    Moving to Thursday will give us more time to get the podcast up and allow people to listen and be ready for the discussion on Thursday night. For those who aren't able to listen, we will have the show notes available for each episode and we'll cover the main topics of discussion there.

    The main purpose of this change is to allow us to get more traction on the joint "project" that the Lucretius Today podcast represents. Now that we are going through DeWitt's "Epicurus And His Philosophy," what we are really in the progress of producing in the podcast is an up-to-date series of media presentations of the basic elements of Epicurean Philosophy. We will eventually put versions of this on youtube and it should become a major resource for outreach to newer students of Epicurus.

    This is an important project and we need all the help we can get to produce a quality product. By discussing the topics on Thursday, in a wider group setting that is not recorded, we can produce new notes for the episode thread and even decide if they are additional points that need to be covered before we move forward.

    Like Lucretius and Diogenes of Oinoanda, if we really take Epicurean philosophy to heart we need to find ways to share it with our circle of friends, and also find ways to widen that circle. Reviewing the podcast in the weeking discussion setting will help the podcasters sharpen their message and help us all work toward better material that we can share with others.

    Please consider joining us in this effort.