Thomas Young of Massachusetts

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    This link comes from Wikipedia on Thomas Young:

    (However this sounds like the writer's overlay rather than a cite to Epicurus.)

    Another: Reason and Revolution:  The Radicalism of Thomas Young

    For me, the real litmus test of whether someone was an "Epicurean Influencer" often comes down to: Did they embrace eternal universe rather than a Deistic clockmaker model? Unless they embrace eternal universe they are hedging on key doctrine. (I don't apply that test quite the same way to people today, because I know that advanced physics has people turned in so many directions its hard to know what to believe anymore. But until that phenomena happened, seems to me the only legitimate position was Epicurus' own position - and of course I myself continue to think it's the best one even now. ;) )

    It would be really interesting to know how far Thomas Young went in endorsing Epicurus rather than just a generic deist/clockmaker/materialism model.

    Because of course materialism doesn't confirm whether they embraced "Pleasure" as the ultimate goal rather than virtue or some other form of idealism. Thomas Cooper wrote an essay, for instance, giving a way to reconcile materialism with Christianity.

    Also interesting that several of these type people were "doctors," including Joseph Priestley and Thomas Cooper.