AFDIA - Recap And General Comments After Reading Book / Completing the Chapter By Chapter Review

  • Here's the article / commentary I would like us to consider as part of our final session and recap of our Book Review of A Few Days In Athens. Let's also use this thread to record comments and reactions after completing the chapter-by-chapter review. In the case of our Zoom review from the spring of 2022, let's specifically try to include this in our discussion for Sunday May 22.

    As we've done throughout the book review, let's be sure to include comments from both of these perspectives (1) How faithful is the book to Epicurus - meaning how useful is it as a method of discussing Epicurean Philosophy? and (2) What do we think about Wright's message itself?

  • We have now completed our series of Zoom meetings in the A Few Days In Athens Book Review. Today's edition - our Seventeenth Session - is a recap of the series with comments from the participants. We have the entire series on Youtube for your reference at any time, and we'll probably make them available in audio podcast form for easier access. Thanks to the participants and we hope these will be useful in the future.

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