On The Need To "Fulfill Your Nature" By Pursuing Your Natural Dispositions

  • For some reason I had this fragment on my mind this afternoon. I was thinking that I had read some commentary on it somewhere (I think by Sedley) but I couldn't find it before posting this -- and I had a hard time finding even this following text. At the very least I'll highlight the passage to start a thread on it, because I think it makes a point that we don't discuss often:


    Plutarch, _On Peace of Mind,_ 2 p. 465F (Johannes Stobaeus, _Anthology,_ 29.79):

    For this reason not even Epicurus believes that men who are eager for honor and glory should lead an inactive life, but that they should fulfill their natures by engaging in politics and entering public life, on the ground that, because of their natural dispositions, they are more likely to be disturbed and harmed by inactivity if they do not obtain what they desire.