May 18 Wednesday Open Invitation Epicurean Zoom


    This coming Wednesday the 18th of May will be the third Wednesday of the month, and in accord with our planning this would be the week that we talk about art and music and poetry. The way we described it at Eventbrite was:

    - Third Wednesday of the Month - Epicurean Favorites Art / Music Discussion - Bring music (e.g. a YouTube link) or a poem or short writing that you think best represents some part of Epicurean Philosophy, to share with the group and discuss.

    Let's use this thread to make suggestions as to topics to include - which means if you have a suggestion and would like to talk about it, please post it here.

    And a word to the wise: Kalosyni has promised that if we don't have enough volunteers she will monopolize the whole time herself! ;) So please let us know you thoughts here.

  • Logistics for joining the upcoming May 18th Open Invitation Epicurean Zoom Meeting

    This is an open meeting and we encourage new people to join us!

    The Zoom meeting has a waiting room, and we will be admitting people into the Zoom meeting based on the following:

    1) forum member names we recognize from previous Zoom meetings

    2) first time attendees who are forum members and who have "registered" by messaging Cassius beforehand with your intended Zoom name.

    3) first time attendees who have registered through Eventbrite (people from Facebook or anyone else who is not a forum member) --…-edt-tickets-335486799047

    If you are a forum member you do not need to use Eventbrite, but please message Cassius beforehand with your Zoom name.

    The Zoom link for the meeting is posted in our calendar -- clear here to go to the calendar page for this event.

  • Just posted this on facebook as a reminder:

    Last week we had eight people at our first Wednesday Open Invitation Zoom, and we invite both those from last week and new visitors this week to attend. The link is the same as last week (if you saved it) - otherwise follow the Eventbrite link below:

    Several of us who are a part of either this Epicurean Philosophy Facebook group or of the forum are working on a new friendship-building project: a weekly hour-long Zoom meeting of those who are interested in casual "live" conversation about Epicurean philosophy. We intend to promote this beyond Facebook, so we are setting up an Eventbrite page to coordinate the Zoom link across other social media sites. Our second session will be this coming Wednesday May 18 at 8:30 PM Eastern USA time, and you can find a link and further description at the Eventbrite page below. The page references "tickets" but of course admission is free. No doubt we'll go through a shakedown period as we get off the ground, but we hope to develop something that will be a positive addition to the existing Epicurean internet communities. Let us know in the thread below if you have any questions.…-edt-tickets-335486799047

  • Hi Everyone :)

    Tonight at 8:30 EDT is our "Open Invitation Epicurean Zoom" meeting!

    I am looking forward to presenting some "Epicurean" art and music, which you will be sure to enjoy! And anyone who has Epicurean-themed art, music, or even poetry is welcome to share as well.

    Then following that first half of the hour, we will move on to discuss Principle Doctrine 2, and we will take lots of time to really dive in to it. I think it is a wise idea to pair pleasurable art, music, etc. with this particular Principle Doctrine -- pleasure in this very life, since we believe that there is no after-life and no reincarnation.

    You can sign up at any time, up until the start of the meeting time. Hope to see you there :)

  • Ok so our agenda for tonight will be a different order from last week. Tonight will be:

    (1) Welcomes
    (2) Special Presentaiton by Kalosyni

    (3) PD2

    (4) Goodbyes