Researching Jeremy Bentham and His Circle As They Relate To Epicurus

  • [Note: This thread was initiated after the exchange here.]

    We already have a subforum for comparison of Epicurus to Utilitarianism, so let's continue to use that forum for that topic. Let;s use this subforum to exchange information on what we can find in the period leading up to, including, and shortly after Jeremy Bentham - the period in which "A Few Days In Athens" was written.

    I am convinced if we started a systematic study of the orbit that Bentham and Frances Wright and the Mills father and son combo were traveling in, we'd find some more very good material on Epicurus.

    I think that period and the writers from the late 1700's to mid 1800's would be particularly fruitful for good writing on Epicurus.

    Something happened after that period, however, that turned attention more away from Epicurus.

    That's a subject for the other thread too, but I would suspect the "turning away from Epicurus" has something to do with the rise of nihilism.

    Anyway, let's talk in this thread and subforum about what we can find written by people in this period / this circle specifically about Epicurean Philosophy.

  • Here is a screen clip relevant to this discussion. Apparently charges were brought against a printer for printing Elihu Palmer's "Principles of Nature." I am not sure if this was a real charge or a "Mock Trial" but either way it would seem to indicate that a Brit publishing something like "A Few Days In Athens" (see Chapter 16) in the early 1800's might have been in hot water:…i.19047257&view=1up&seq=5