The Life Enhancing Benefits of Epicurean Philosophy

  • Here is a short new blog, just posted, which proposes answers to the following:

    Why study Epicurean philosophy?

    How does Epicurean philosophy help one live a better life?

    Life Enhancing Benefits of Epicurean Philosophy
    Why study Epicurean philosophy? There could be many reasons why a given individual might want to study this philosophy. 1) An enjoyment of...

  • Thank you Scott, and I forgot that I had that dance video blog, though nothing is posted to it currently. I thought I could do dance improv to a reading of Lucretius, or maybe do a Greek dance. I discovered the perfect back drop!

  • Ha! What a cool gazebo/ramada/whatever thingy!

    (I actually thought it was a joke you were pulling that you click on the "Dance Improvisation" link and it pops up with "There's Nothing Here!")