2022 Athens Greece Symposium On Epicurean Philosophy - International Edition (in English)

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  • Excellent presentation Cassius!

    Christos seems to have a nice mix of modern science grounded in ancient philosophy. Do you know anything about the English translations of the books he mentioned in answer to your question? Particularly their titles and availability. It sounds like the only one currently available is the book on Jefferson, but I'm really curious to see what they cover in their textbook.

  • Yes I would love to see that too Godfrey but I don't think any English versions are available. They do have some material in English in their website, but it's not much.

  • I watch the entire video and really enjoyed it. A couple of things stood out for me.

    First, I thought Hiram was correct in his comments about the need to use social media to reach young people. More specifics about that would be worth exploring. What platforms are best; the differences between them, etc.

    Second, even though this was the 12th Annual Symposium, its inclusion of a variety of speakers from around the world for the first time gave the entire thing a feeling of being at the beginning of something.

    Finally, it was apparent that the work done over the past decade or so has focused, rightly in my view, on assembling the Epicurean materials to make them available to all who are interested. There is a copious amount of writing on the philosophy and I wonder if finding new formats in which to present it might be the next step.

    I'm not the best person to talk about formats, being an old guy. :) But from what I observed in the video, seeking out new channels and new ways of offering the ideas is at least part of the next step.