The Oldest Regularly-Occurring Epicurean Seminar / Convention - Athens, Greece

  • This is a thread for links to the annual Athens Seminar. I need to add here the upcoming dates as they occur. If I remember correctly this usually occurs around February of each year, in proximity to Epicurus' birthday.

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “The Oldest Regularly-Occurring Seminar / Convention - Athens, Greece” to “The Oldest Regularly-Occurring Epicurean Seminar / Convention - Athens, Greece”.
  • From the 2021 Senegalia Festival, featuring Michele (with glasses) ready to break the chains of religion with Epicurus' leadership! The artist is David Baldone, who portrays himself on the left. In the middle is of course Epicurus, then Fabrizio Chiappetti, a friend of Davide and Michele Pinto, and then Michele Pinto on the right.

  • Here is the video of Christos Yapijakis, leader of the Athens Epicureans, proving that he is fluent in at least three languages (including Italian, and we already know he is fluent in Greek and English). That's very impressive in itself and that's three more languages than I am fluent in! If anyone has a clue as to what he is saying please comment below.

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  • Book three for Don and all Latin scholars!


    E tenebris tantis tam clarum extollere lumen

    qui primus potuisti inlustrans commoda vitae,

    te sequor, o Graiae gentis decus, inque tuis nunc

    ficta pedum pono pressis vestigia signis,

    non ita certandi cupidus quam propter amorem

    quod te imitari aveo; quid enim contendat hirundo

    cycnis, aut quid nam tremulis facere artubus haedi

    consimile in cursu possint et fortis equi vis?

    tu, pater, es rerum inventor, tu patria nobis

    suppeditas praecepta, tuisque ex, inclute, chartis,

    floriferis ut apes in saltibus omnia libant,

    omnia nos itidem depascimur aurea dicta,

    aurea, perpetua semper dignissima vita.

    nam simul ac ratio tua coepit vociferari

    naturam rerum divina mente coorta

    diffugiunt animi terrores, moenia mundi

    discedunt. totum video per inane geri res.

    apparet divum numen sedesque quietae,

    quas neque concutiunt venti nec nubila nimbis

    aspergunt neque nix acri concreta pruina

    cana cadens violat semper[que] innubilus aether

    integit et large diffuso lumine ridet: