Best Videos Discussing The Limits of Speculation In Physics

  • This is a thread to compile links to videos that give background information on issues relevant to general viewpoints toward physics. Let's use it to compile a list rather than discuss the details of each video.

    If you see a video that should be included here, please post a thread for it in the Physics General Discussion forum or somewhere else, as Camotero did below, and then as we evaluate the video as to how it compares with the others we have we can make a sorted list in order of desirability to view first, second, etc.

    Right now the Number One Video would be

    1. Sabine Hossenfelder - Can Physics Be Too Speculative. Thanks to Camotero for posting this and suggesting this video in this post: Not all research is scientific, or involves critical thinking.

    See particularly the discussion of the Multiverse and Plato around the six minute mark:

    This can be clarifying of the concept that reason alone is not sufficient to know the truth, and I'm guessing you'll enjoy it:

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