Sade's Lucretian Poem - "La Vérité" (The Truth), Translated w/ Article Attached

  • I've spent the better part of this last week finally getting to work and thus finishing my translation of Sade's Lucretian/Epicurean poem "La Vérité" (The Truth). I've just finished today, including Sade's own footnotes included at the bottom of the work. As far as I can tell, the poem has never been translated into English and subsequently published anywhere, indeed even Fleischmann, the author of the article I've attached that discusses the poem in greater depth than I can at the moment, merely pulls French excerpts of the text while describing its effects and meaning in English.

    I'll post the poem & footnotes below as well as attaching them via PDF.

    Oh, and if anyone here knows French ie Martin or etc. Please rate my translation in any capacity.

    Original French Version

  • Thank you Charles! Maybe we should let a brief period go by to see if anyone has any suggestions or corrections but after that we ought to post this to Facebook, Reddit, etc if this is the only English translation available.