Hidden Brain: Where Gratitude Gets You

  • I was listening to this episode of the Hidden Brain podcast this morning:


    I found echoes of Epicurus's mentions of gratitude throughout, but the section on the "emotions" starting around 17:41 stuck out at me. It seemed to me that their mention of "emotions" could easily be replaced by the pathē of pleasure/pain. They talk about choosing the best course of action, etc. The rower's "pride" could easily be replaced by the "sense of pleasure."

    Interested to read thoughts if anyone listens to the episode.

  • I haven't made it to episode yet, but the framing of the post led me to search dictionary.com on "emotion." How in the world did we get to the point where "emotions" have a negative connotation, whereas the original Latin seems broad enough to encompass everything that "sets us in motion"? I smell a religious or a Stoic rat at work, because who else would want to turn a word that expresses a totally basic and benign understanding of what moves us as humans into a word to treat with suspicion at first mention of it?