News from Italy - you'll love it!

  • Professor Francesco Verde of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" organizes an online workshop dedicated to Epicurus with the participation of some of the most important epicurean scholars in the world.

    And many of the speeches will be in English.

    Everyone can participate.

    You can download the pdf here and here.

    In the coming days I will release the announcement of the second NetoIP award on the best thesis on Epicurus.

    See you soon!

  • The first meeting was held today, fantastic!

    Tomorrow there will be speeches only in Italian, but on Saturday at 15:00 Rome time there will be four speeches in English.

    This is the link to join google meet:

    I would like to meet you there.

  • Michele I am very interested in several of those presentations but I am worried that my schedule is not going to allow me to view this live. I am going to try to make at least part of it, but I would appreciate it if you could help me be alert to see if they are going to post anywhere links so people can view the presentations afterward. Thanks very much for alerting us about this! I know that I definitely am interested in most anything Voula Tsouna has to say about Epicurus, and I am looking forward to finding out more about these other lecturers.

  • Ok - thanks Michele. Just curious - is there a reason for that? I don't really travel in academic circles -- is there some reason that a professional who gives a public lecture, or an entity that sponsors a public lecture, would not want that available publicly afterwards? Some kind of concern for intellectual property or something?

  • There are two reasons, the first is that the interventions that the professors make may contain errors which are then corrected in the discussion.

    The second is that then (after many months, sometimes years) the proceedings come out and the publisher is afraid that by publishing the videos they will sell fewer copies.

  • Ok yes that was what I was thinking was probably the case. I guess this is sponsored by a university or some institution that is concerned about publication rights, so that's understandable. In addition to that kind of program, I hope over time we can develop programs that are truly "free" to everyone.

  • Sorry! In Italy we say "divulgazione" when we mean To make a lot of people know someting.

    There is a contrast between divulgation (disclosure) and academia.

    The first is within everyone's reach, simple, sometimes simplified.

    The second is of a higher level, but difficult to understand.

  • Michele I was only able to check in once on Saturday morning, and when I did I was not able to figure out how to make a connection. Did you (or anyone reading this) get to view it and have any general comments about how it went?

  • I followed it, but my poor English did not permit me to enjoy it completely.

    Epicurus' technique of multiple explanations in physics now seems much more modern and effective than I ever thought possible.

    There is also a new translation of all Epicurean's writings in Italian an a news meeting in few mounts.

  • Is it possible that Voula Tsouna released a paper with her talk or handouts to which we could get access?

    Also, do you know more details about a new translation of Epicurean texts? Compiled / translated by whom?