EpicureaPoetica—Epicurean Themes in Poetry [Video Project]

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    Another stab at the artwork. This uses Erik Anderson's photo above. It lacks the gravitas of the earlier effort, but that may not be a bad thing. More bookish, and less reminiscent of a U.S. banknote. The text has problems, but it's a start.

  • Are you all talking about Epicurus.info?

    I checked https://whois-web.rrpproxy.net/ for the domain and most of the contact info was redacted for privacy. It looks looks it's registered in the Netherlands and the server names are three women's names but that doesn't mean anything. It looked like it was due for renewal in November 2020.

  • Yes, that's the one. In any case the copyright would go to his heirs in (presumably) Oregon, unless he made other arrangements. I did send an email to the webmaster, but have not had a reply.

    Since his photos are not archived on any stock image site, and we cannot reasonably trace his bequests or know his wishes (except that in his life he did readily grant permission to republish his writings on Epicurus), and further that the photos are reproductions of artworks millennia out of copyright, I don't feel that there's much of an ethical or legal risk here. I don't mind using it to create derivative informational work. I can only hope that his family understands!

  • I have a recording that I'm fairly happy with for a first attempt. I'll do a little light editing tomorrow before I post it. OBS Studio seems to do a fair job at audio, I didn't have to tamper with it at all! I need to put a little more work into scripting, but in other respects things are looking alright.

  • I have had a reply to my email, and will post it here when I have the sender's permission. The writer is indeed from the Netherlands, and has previously attempted to contact Mr. Anderson's family, but with no reply.

    The letter itself is full of charm, which is why I am hoping for permission to publish it here.

  • Here is the email exchange with Koen;

    I have not replied to that last, but certainly will—with gratitude, and an invitation to the forum! As to Koen's English, it is excellent and I have not edited any of it.

    The email address I used was contact@epicurism.info

  • Wonderful Joshua! Thank you very much for doing this and telling us about it! I think Koen was probably very wise to republish the site exactly as it was before - who (who might have a right to) could complain about that? I know that circumstances will control, and that indeed the ancient Epicureans discussed that it is justified to charge for philosophical guidance, but I strongly suspect that most truly Epicurean-minded people are very liberal on their "intellectual property" claims (liberal meaning that they grant free use liberally ;)

  • I've uploaded the first episode. I had more trouble than anticipated with editing due to technical problems that I don't even begin to understand, but I used other software than I was planning and it worked out alright. I've used the free version for everything;

    Captured/recorded in OBS Studio,

    File converted in VLC media player

    Audio and Video edited in Lightworks,

    Saved as .mp4 for publication on Youtube

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    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    Enjoy! I don't know how interesting or useful these will be, but they'll be very good experience for me in building toward other projects down the road.

  • Excellent work, Joshua ! :thumbup::thumbup:

    I was completely ignorant of the poem and you appear to have begun to provide a solid explication.

    I listened to the "episode" on my walk this morning to see if I could follow along without the visuals. No problem! Your tone and cadence made it both enjoyable as well easy to follow.

    My only suggestions would be:

    You do jump right in. A little more context on who Lucretius was at the beginning might help those who are new to the poem and Epicurean philosophy. You do give excellent information as the episode goes on! If you post on a website, did you plan to give an intro to the episode in textual form? I think that might be enough to provide that context I'm talking about.

    I am sincerely looking forward to episode 2!! :)

  • Yes I think it definitely lends itself to being listened to rather than just read, but I did note that you referred to the picture of Jerome that someone listening would not be able to see. There are lots of directions you can go with this so for now I'll just wait to see your preferences. Plus, as I expect to do later with the Lucretius today podcast, you can always take the finished podcasts and repackage them in different formats for later use. I personally have not found a good *free* way to host the mp3 files and get them listed in the major directories, and that's why I went with Spreaker.com as the cheapest option I could find. But the technology behind all this is very interesting in itself (at least to me) so I am glad that you are posting info about how you are going about creating and posting.

    I'm particularly interested in how you are using OBS. I see that lots of people use that for streaming and adding in multiple sources into a single final product, but for the moment I haven't seen the need to do that myself -I just edit the audio in audacity, and if I were using video I would just use my video editor. But maybe there are advantages to using OBS that I need to explore.

  • Thank you for the feedback!

    I need to look at writing a script before the next recording, to tighten things up a bit. I see that Eoghan arrived at the same conclusion on his videos. I think Don makes a good point about clearer introductions; I certainly should be aiming to interest a wider range of people!

    The presentation itself was made in LibreOffice 'Presentation' (a PowerPoint analogue) and I'm simply using OBS Studio as a screen capture (with mic audio) of the presentation on a second display. So I'm actually recording the audio and video at the same time. OBS Studio doesn't have a native editing client, which is why I went to Lightworks.

    Whether it makes more sense as a video project or a podcast (or both) is something I'll certainly think about as it develops. Does it help to have text/images on the screen?

  • For this particular presentation I think it's helpful to have text and images. Often I'm not a fan of that, but for what you're doing I liked being able to read the text as you read or referred to it. Same with viewing the painting.

    There is a podcast that I follow (typically one hour + in length) which streams on Google Podcasts as well as YouTube; in that case I listen to the audio stream and only rarely watch the video if there's something specific that I want to see. In your case I think the visuals are pretty integral. Having a purely audio stream might make it easier to access (in the car, for example) but as long as the length is around ten minutes I for one would watch the video.

  • Yes, I think 10 minutes or even shorter is a good target. And once I have a set of them done I can strip the audio and edit it down to a podcast length for a separate release.

  • Joshua i see this comment added to the thread at Facebook. I don't recognize these two names:

    Alan Reyes

    Cassius I know that Swinburne and Pessoa also have poems of an Epicurean bent. May be worth looking into for inclusion!