Empathy vs pleasure

  • is empathy pleasurable? if its painful, which one is more valuable, empathy or pleasure?

    The individual would have to answer that question for themselves. If one derives pleasure from being empathetic, it's pleasurable. However, this also connects with Principal Doctrine 31:


    31. Natural justice is a symbol or expression of expediency, to prevent one man from harming or being harmed by another.

    Is empathy necessary if our concern is to not be harmed or not harming another? It also depends how "empathy" is defined. It also connects to our choices and rejections. How do we choose to treat others for pleasurable long term consequences for ourselves. I would argue that we will have better outcomes if we treat others well. It may appear to be empathy from the outside, but maybe it's just the best choices for us in the long run.

    Good questions! I'll look forward to others weighing in on this thread.