General Comment About Expanding Accessibility

  • The suggestion has been made today by Elayne that we need to work on making a more accessible version of the core texts, probably by going through the available translations and then combining to produce a more modern English version, with commentary. That is essentially what I have worked on in the past under the "Elemental Editions" but a LOT more work needs to be done now that we have more people to draw on for support.

    It probably makes sense to start with the Principle Doctrines, then move either to the rest of Diogenes Laertius or to the Vatican Sayings, and then move to other core texts (Lucretius, then major other texts such as Torquatus dialog in Cicero, etc.) In most all of those we have multiple public domain translations to choose between.

    This post is just to start the discussion. Currently we have here at a "Core Texts" menu at the top of the screen which contains a very raw variation of this suggestion, with footnotes on many of the items to indicate controversies and alternate translations. This needs to be greatly expanded, and we can perhaps devote a podcast to discussing each of the 40 Doctrines, etc.