Gordan, Suits (Dane, David) - "Epicurus: His Continuing Influence And Contemporary Relevance"

  • Another book on my shelf that I haven't been able to sit down & finish even one of these mini papers.

    The backside reads:

    "The Philosophy of Epicurus (c. 341-271 B.C.E.), has been a quietly pervasive influence for more than two millennia. At present, when many long revered ideologies are proven empty, Epicureanism is powerfully and refreshingly relevant, offering a straightforward way of dealing with the issues of life and death.

    The chapters in this book provide a kaleidoscope of opinions about Epicurus's teachings through two thousand years. They tell us also about the archaeological discoveries in Oenoanda and Herculaneum that promise to augment the scant remains we have of Epicurus's own writing(1). The breadth of this new work will be welcomed by those who value Epicurean philosophy as a scholarly and personal resource for contemporary life.

    Epicurus: His Continuing Influence and Contemporary Relevance, is the title of a conference on Epicurus held at Rochester Institute of Technology, April, 2002, when many of the ideas were first presented."

    (1) I think this is just an embellishment of the editor, The Wall at Oenoanda & the Villa de Papyri as we all know weren't from Epicurus himself.

    Anyways, this book is essentially just a collection of presentations, speeches, and writings/essays about Epicureanism and its modern merits as well as focusing on specific aspects of the philosophy.

    Since I haven't read it yet, and cannot summarize it, I'll just list each "chapter" with its title & author.

    (Page) 5 "The Philosophy of Epicurus: It It an Option for Today?" - Dane Gordon

    (Page) 17 "Philodemus, The Herculaneum Papyri" - David Armstrong

    (Page) 45 "The Angry God: Epicureans, Lactantius, and Warfare" - James L. Campbell

    (Page) 69 "Plotinus and Epicurean Epistemology" - Lloyd Gerson

    (Page) 81 "Atomism and Gassendi's Conception of the Human Soul" - Veronica Gventzadze

    (Page) 113 "Epicurus and Bishop Butler" - David E. White

    (Page) 127 "The Young Marx on Epicurus: Dialectical Atomism and Human Freedom" - Paul Schafer

    (Page) 139 "The Fixation of Satisfaction: Epicurus and Peirce on The Goal" - David Suits

    (Page) 157 "Theological Paradox in Epicurus" - Marianna Shakhnovich

    (Page) 167 "Epicurus on Friends and Goals" - Daniel Russell

    (Page) 183 "Epicurus on Friendship: The Emergence of Blessedness" - M. R. Wheeler

    (Page) 195 "Death as a Punishment: A Consequence of Epicurean Thanatology" - Stephen E. Rosenbaum

    (Page) 209 "Diogene's Inscription at Oenoanda" - Abdrew M. T. Moore

    Throughout the week I may sit down and read some of these and provide summaries in the responses.

    “If the joys found in nature are crimes, then man’s pleasure and happiness is to be criminal.”

  • Thanks for taking the time to list that Charles -- I have heard of that book but never seen a copy. if you do see sections of particular interest please do post.