Welcome Garden Dweller!

  • Thank you for the welcome!

    My story is that I retired early from my work and lived in a van in the desert in Arizona for a winter. I had a lot of time and suddenly I was free to do whatever I wanted, which brought up the question, how should one live one's life? I started researching various philosophies and religions, and finally came across a description of Epicurus' philosophy. This became my main interest and I started looking for any information I could find. At the time I had no internet access so I would drive into town, connect to wifi at a local taco shop, and download pdfs and videos, then drive 25 miles back to the hot springs boondocking spot. I found university videos about Epicurean philosophy helpful when starting out, although each had their own bias and perspective. I read what I could find of the existent remains of Epicurus' writing.

    I knew that the documents that are available are incomplete, and I tried to build an understanding of the intent and view of Epicurus. I started writing notes and eventually put together a statement on "how to live one's life" that I felt was congruent with Epicurus. I consider it a draft which could be improved, but I refer back to it as my own life guide. I will post it in another thread as "Continuous Life Improvement" and welcome review and criticism.

  • Welcome to the forum! I've always been interested in low-overhead alternative living situations. Finally decided to get my CDL and make it "no-overhead". Been living in the truck for over a year now. (It ain't quite boondocking here in New Jersey though 🤷‍♂️)

  • Also Garden Dweller do you mind saying how you found the forum? It helps foe future planning to know if people come through facebook, reddit, google, or whatever.