Welcome Azbcethananderson!

  • Hello I'm a former stoic who read epicurus a year ago. I'm so glad to finally escaped the dead end of stoicism. I'm eager to learn everything about epicureanism.

  • AZ I saw that you posted a video recently in which you explained your latest thinking. Is that video still a good reflection of where you are? Would you mind posting it in this thread for others to see. I saw it and thought it was very good.

  • One more thing, AZ, how did you first come across the Epicureanfriends forum? I know you heard about the Discord group that was set up. How did you hear about that? Just asking for the sake of fine-tuning our outreach program.

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    Here's my video , I think the same way but I've been expanding on my thinking lately. I've been obsessed with epicurus so I found this site on my own. But I prefer Facebook and discord. I finally signed up here cuz im waiting to get into the Facebook group and because it was recommended to me in the discord.