Welcome Khoirul!

  • Thank you. I am Khoirul, my middle and my nick name. I am from Indonesia. Growing up in the muslim culture, I make a spiritual journey and it makes me know a lot of religions and philosophies, as an enthusiast.

    I have interest in ethical schools generally, because it is a practical philosophy, not kind of abstract dialogue that end up with, so-what-question. Previously I have interest in Stoicism and Buddhism, while Epicurus' teachings becomes 'second reference'.

    But I don't know why the pleasure teachings of him makes sense to me. I am tired with virtue etc. What I am looking for, basically, is a pleasure thing either for my biological body or my mind. Often, it uses virtue to make my mind feel good. But in the end, it is about pleasure I think. So it is better to train my pleasure, get what I like, avoid what I think no use of me, simplify my life, live happily in this short life, and so on.

    Not sure if this the correct interpretation of Epicurus' teachings. But, well, his teachings help me to feel joy a lot and even to practice my 'cultural' religion (Islam) without fear of God or death. Just practice it because it gives me 'joy' and protects me from this religious society that sometimes can be a mass of bigotry.

    Now, besides I want to learn a lot of epicurean, I also want to know how to interpret religions claims from the view of epicurean. Like reinterpretation religions from phenomenology based on Epicurean teachings.

    I am not sure, but I think philosophy is like a lens used to see this world from its particular point of view. And I like the landscape I get here, from Epicurean' perspective. CMIIW. Thanks.

  • Khoirul I have a feeling you would enjoy reading, and identify with, the lead character in Frances Wright's story "A Few Days In Athens" -- http://www.AFewDaysInAthens.com . It is written from the perspective of a young student checking out different schools. If you get a chance to look at it it would be great to hear your thoughts about it.

    So Welcome!