Hiram Crespo on The Pursuit of Happiness, Epicurean Philosophy, and Changing Your Mindset

  • I believe you need to have itunes installed on windows, mac os or the apple music app on android to be able to listen to it. Anything as far as I know whether it is free or not apple encrypted their audio files so you can only use it with their software. As of this writing there is software to get around this encryption but you have to pay for it. I just tried accessing the podcast via apple music on android and it doesn't work.

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  • I am going to try accessing the podcast link on itunes on my windows machine have to wait for it to boot up it's dual boot. I primarily use Linux as my desktop OS.

  • Nope, it doesn't work it seems that podcast show is no longer available on iTunes.

  • I twot a tweet to Tom Church on this, will update when he replies

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