Sabine Hossenfelder - Why the Multiverse Is Religion

  • Yes, she has a very interesting channel in YouTube, I encourage you to see it. I'm pretty sure she'd enjoy learning about EP.

    Exactly that comment about Plato made me think it would be welcome around here. And it got me to see another video of her about the multiverse, which also should fit around here somewhere, because she makes the association of such speculations (the multiverse) with religion. Here it is:

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  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Sabine: Hossenfelder - Why the Multiverse Is Religion” to “Sabine Hossenfelder - Why the Multiverse Is Religion”.
  • Thank you Don for that. The title looks promising.

    One would like to think (since we admire Epicurus' thinking on his subject) that others would be logically drawn to the same conclusion, whether or not they have ever heard of Epicurus. So it shouldn't be surprising for us to find people who agree without mentioning Epicurus. I hope we will find that she has an affinity for Epicurus, but the disappointing thing in life is that so few seem willing to say what she seems willing to say.