Recent Article on "All Perceptions Are True"

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Recent Article on "All Sensations Are True"” to “Recent Article on "All Perceptions Are True"”.
  • The abstract beings with a completely FALSE statement: "The well-known and controversial thesis that <<all perceptions are true>> is endorsed by all Epicureans."

    This point is HEAVILY contradicted throughout DeWitt's Epicurus and His Philosophy:

  • All I read was the abstract but it didn't sound promising. Instead of the common sense easy to understand illustration that "true" means "honest" or "without opinion" combined with DeWitt's comparison to witnesses in court, the abstract seems to want to launch off into typical academic obscurity by referencing terms like "propositional, existential, and factive" meanings of the word true.

    Epicurean philosophy is simple and direct enough to be understood by children, and this part of the doctrine is no exception. Spending too much time on articles like this may provide some benefit to "us" who are really into the details, but it is just a shame that people can't be up front and direct rather than hiding important observations in the weeds.