Twitter Users?

  • Good morning all!

    I'm running a Twitter account focusing on philosophy, self-improvement, and spirituality and I'm wanting to follow others with such interests.

    In looking for ideas to share and discuss (as much as a tweet allows) I've come across a severe lack of Epicurean philosophy on the site. There's a plethora of Stoic accounts and practitioners, but almost nothing for Epicureanism. I will be upfront and let anyone with interest know that I am an eclectic and post/retweet as such, but Epicurean teachings have had a huge influence in my personal philosophy and I want to find similar minds so that I may connect and promote them as well.

    If anyone has any interest, or know of any public accounts I can follow, I look forward to hearing from you and about them!

  • A_Gardner I have a twitter account under the name NewEpicurean, but all that ever gets posted there is a mirror of what is posted at, which for the last year has meant nothing but the weekly dates to the Lucretius podcast.

    That's definitely a start! Thank you, and I'll be following shortly. I can also retweet your content and hopefully do a little promotion that way if you're alright with that.

    Also, would you be opposed if I shared some of the content from here as an occasional tweet?

  • A_Gardner do you also use Mastodon or Pleroma or any "fediverse" app? Along the lines of the original post I would like to establish beachheads in the "open source" world to be sure we are as insulated as possible from censorship. Any thoughts on any of the open source / peer to peer options?

    I actually haven't heard of these apps, so I will have to look into them. I am always on the lookout for such methods of communication and social media options, and would be more than willing to explore them.

    I've been following the Alt Tech thread as well to see developments there.

  • This is a rather nerdy but informative discussion of the state of the "fediverse" applications that I was reading last night:

    I gather that the technology is pretty much in place to set up independent services, even to a significant extent mimicing facebook:

    But the issue seems to be getting critical mass to make anything successful. On the other hand, if you're working with a limited group of people in the first place and you're not going to mass conversions, several of these sites already can be used pretty nicely to duplicate twitter, facebook, etc.