Backup Communications for

  • Today we had a short forum outage, and that's a reminder that we need a contingency plan in case something happens to this forum for a longer period.

    Probably the easiest temporary solution is to have an easy-to-remember domain name on a totally different server with instructions on where to continue communications in the event of an emergency.

    For the present let's use this as a location name you might be able to remember: CASSIUSAMICUS.COM.

    If you click there now you'll see that I have that page set up as a tree of links at which you ought to be able to find the other regulars of the forum if we are down for an extended period.

    I have recently been testing out the SESSION instant messenger, which isn't as fancy as Telegram or some of the others, but which has the redeeming virtue of not requiring a telephone number or user name to be associated with the account. I've been using that for several weeks now, so if you would like to communicate on Session, set up an account at and look up the EpicureanFriends Session group (or look me up there and send me a direct message).

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “Backup Communications for” to “Backup Communications for”.